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Fairuz Ramdan Designs Sdn Bhd has gradually grown to strength over the past 5 years. The team is run by members of capable and well qualified management staff. Most of the staff in the management level hold an average of more than five years experience in the clothing industry. Every office is an independent profit centre and reports separately to the Mutiara Damansara HQ. The Managers are responsible for all the frontline and support services to customers across the region.

Fairuz Ramdan Designs Sdn Bhd has made various strategic alliances with partners and adds value to the growth of each brand. The company emphasises on brand development and its marketing oriented towards building image and brand equity.

Fairuz Ramdan Designs Sdn Bhd is committed to its partners in building brand presence throughout the region with its reputable presence, and also helps brand effectively expand their awareness in Fashion, Image and Sales Distribution opportunities.


British-born fashion designer, Fairuz Ramdan, is known for his trademark vintage style and classic tailoring. Born in 1981, in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland, a young Fairuz Ramdan had come to this world with a bright future ahead of him. He had been sewing and cutting at the age of 6 and gradually

while studying in high school from the age of 15, started altering his fellow school mates uniforms, as such that began his entrepreneurship in fashion. Fairuz staged his first catwalk presente under the label “Fairuz Ramdan Bespoke” during the Malaysian Interna0onal Fashion Week 2011. Since then he has been invited to numerous showcase events, namely The Mercedes Benz – STYLO F1

Fashion Grand Prix 2012, BDA Gala Night Fashion Showcase 2012, and The Mercedes Benz – STYLO F1 Fashion Grand Prix 2013. In 2014, he was invited to showcase his collec0on at the Mercedes Benz – STYLO F1 Fashion Grand Prix, World Fashion Week (Paris), Korea in Style (Seoul), Taipei in Style, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, Malaysian Fashion Week and New Zealand Fashion Week, being the first foreign designer to be invited to showcase. Following the success and consistency, showcasing his ability as a designer and in – trend in his crea0ve designs.


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